La Route de la Laine : a company to your disposal

Route Wool is a young company created in early 2009 by two people passionate by needle Tapestry Brigitte Laurent and Magali Brunet.

The original idea was to create simple and modern designs to enable as many discover this ancient technique, while also working around materials from this time to make the link between past and future.

The models designed by our designer, Brigitte, have multiple applications (paintings, seats, cushions, fashion accessories, ...) that stand out for their originality.

These kits ready or custom-made designs created specifically for you and for a particular purpose.

Each model, hand painted, is unique and can, if desired, to add his own interpretation (point used, the color of wool, ...).

You can discover in the « Shop » the various existing models to date (the shop is regularly supplied with new models) and all the accessories and materials you need to exercise your talents.

To initiate or improve yourself in these upholstery techniques, different courses are held throughout the year, whether in Paris, Le Mesnil Saint Denis (Yvelines), Saint Jean de Luz (Pyrenees Atlantiques) or Milan (Italy). Choose the date and place you want in the « Courses ».

Tamara - Petit point de St Cyr

And to highlight your achievements, we offer benefits such as interlining, mentoring, seats, clothing, ... for new and custom creations.

Needle Tapestry: a long history!

Ancient art practiced since the end of Antiquity, the needlepoint is executed with thread moved to the needle on a canvas. Wool, silk, then gold and silver made up these beautiful paintings.

In France, the trace of the first rules of embroidery dates back to Middle Ages (1292), but their activity is actually much older. There are points of needlepoint in documents describing their work.

Women are not left behind because there are many master-embroiderers and art is also practiced in monasteries for women.

Under Louis XIV, three new institutions are emerging in this area, including the workshop of Saint-Cyr formed in 1684 by Madame de Maintenon, the king's secret wife. Thus, today you can make a small sewing work in point Saint-Cyr.
Gradually, the needlepoint becomes a feminine art and women in the late nineteenth century, it is called simply « sewing work lady ».

Détail d'une bande du XIXème sciècle

The needlepoint has gone through periods, embellish and expand from decorative arts to the beginning of our twenty-first century.

Unique Designs created in accordance with the traditions

Trained following the traditional techniques of needle tapestry and tapestry « de basse lisse, », designer then cardboard painter, our creator realises each of our models by doing first a cardboard with gouache.

The outlines of the drawing are then carried over a tracing paper, the drawing is then possible by following the line on the canvas.

The colours are then applied area by area, keeping in mind that this painting will help in the future embroidery.

This handcrafted work makes each model a unique piece!

Peinture du canevas

Materials and colors to touch and see!

Different materials can be used such as wool, silk, linen, metallic or iridescent thread, vegetable fibers, the wool « Fine Aubusson”, fine wool of superior quality is the basic material.
This wool comes from Merino sheep in New Zealand and Australia. It is spun from the fibers very thin, long and high quality. Defatted and processed, it is that the colorist Aubusson, by a craftsmanship, gives color and life to wool.

Its finess when used in a thread, embroidery allows precise and refined. It can also be worked with two, three, four or more thread.
Using strands of different colors, you multiply the shades to infinity, while creating effects mottled or pitted.

For the pleasure of the eyes, the colorist makes a dye job from our color chart. It uses a range of colors carefully selected to ensure high resistance of color to light, washing and rubbing. The work done entirely by hand controls the gradual increase of pigment on wool to get the desired color.

Laine et soie